Friday, August 5, 2011

Life of a cow

When we say about cow,
which has many different colour,
The best colour will be black and white,
Which indicate stability between good and bad.
And here is story of cow

Cow is actually a calm and tame animal. It work as hard as it can as long as it has a place to leave and food to eat. No matter how hard is the work as in paddy field smoothing the soil or as hard as dragging a chart behind or even carry grocery as much as it size it never complain as long as it is treated goodly. But when cow meets its owner the whip and hit when it slow down, they will become more and more slower, more and more weak to work, like human they start to feel anger, sadness, and not worth to work for what they earn. As this happen it start to stop moving no matter how much you whip or shout or push it just never move. Similar to human it goes the same but the different is sometime human tend to be the same even though there are not angry, sad or even tired its a personality of being standing firmly with own perception sometime stubborn. When cow is push to much its patient losses instead of a tame animal it become the most fearsome animal of human. Sames goes to us as human when we reach the limit we totally change to different people. A person that seems to be nice will be as fearsome. When cow get to its nerve its hard to calm it down it takes time to do so. The same goes to us human being.

Well that's all for how cow life be..

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